Client Feedback

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Below you will find feedback given by previous clients about their experience of either CBT or EMDR with me.

Feedback from Mr W

“Thank you so much Kerry. Having struggled with life’s pressures after cancer, you have been wonderful. I truly appreciated the rapport we had which made it easy to open up. I felt you were present and caring in every meeting, and communicated with great empathy and intuition. Through your guidance I have found new ways to notice my emotions and to apply techniques to help me deal with the many challenging situations I face. Do keep on sharing books and articles too! Thanks again” 

Feedback from Mr M

”I have tried several therapists in the past to help with my OCD and anxiety and though they helped in the short term, eventually all my issues would come back and take control again.

With Kerry it was completely different. Not only is she great in the sessions with guidance, coping strategies etc. She is also great in between sessions sending articles, book suggestions, YouTube videos all about how to work to overcome my OCD/anxiety issues. She also has loads of worksheets that are super helpful to go through in between sessions. You don’t feel like you’re on your own after that one hour a week.

I would highly recommend Kerry if you suffer from anxiety or anything mental health related. She’s great to talk to and really helps put things into perspective, and helps you challenge yourself in a way that you feel is achievable.

After about 6 months of sessions, my OCD and anxiety have massively reduced and if they start to crop up, I feel I am well equipped with the tools to enable me to ride through the anxiety and feel calm again.”

Feedback from Miss K

“Hi Kerry

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for your time and support last Friday. What an experience of emotions to feel within such a short space of time. After our EMDR session I did have a headache and although the breeze from my walk after helped I knew I wanted to be at home and be safe. I was very tearful on Friday and burst into tears for no apparent reason. I went with this and explained to my partner not to be over concerned either. I was just exhausted and had an early night, I felt like I’d had ten pints the night before – not that I know what that feels like?!!?!

Saturday was a steady day and looked after myself, few tears but not as many and no headache. Sunday was another chilled day and it was around 7pm that I’d realised that I’ve done it and overcome this incident. When I thought of the picture of the incident the picture just spirals out of vision so I don’t even see it. I did experience Tesco’s at the weekend and a lady shouted at me as I was too close to her in the queue. I certainly wasn’t very close to her but clearly too close for her liking. Previously I would have got upset and worried about ‘did I get too close’ however my brain was very calm and I politely moved away. At least she said something when she wasn’t comfortable.

This may sound a small victory but to me, this is a massive move forward. The experience is so powerful. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted and for me I knew exactly what incident I wanted to address. So pleased I’m seeing results so quickly.

Thank you”

Feedback from Mrs J

“Kerry is a very knowledgeable therapist who always seemed to understand me. She suggested many things during CBT which allowed me to rethink or see things in a different way. The support Kerry has offered me is second to none and it has made a huge difference to both me and my family. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone thinking about taking the step to seek a new chapter in your life.”

“I’ve found my course of CBT very beneficial, allowing me to take actual action towards managing my depression / anxiety better – more important than ever during a pandemic. I saw a noticeable improvement and definitely felt ready to cope on my own at the end of the sessions. 

My therapist was helpful and supportive throughout and gave me the push I needed to challenge my thoughts and have more peace of mind. I highly recommend.’’

Feedback from Ms R

”Dear Kerry,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for taking me through CBT. You have totally changed my life!  I feel the most relaxed and happy that I have been in years.

Thank you for being so good at what you do.  You are so warm and welcoming.  I really felt I could trust you right from the start.

I can’t thank you enough.”